Why Us?

We help you fulfill your AML/CFT obligations with a simple, cost effective and digital service.



All your AML/CFT compliance needs can be done online including:

Upload and download documents, request PEP scans, complete audit requirements and ongoing monitoring. 

Web based training for staff and management. 

Meetings can be conducted via video chat.



The portal is encrypted to ensure that any information supplied by you about you and your clients is securely held on the site.

Your files can be directly dropped into your profile without the need for un-secure emails.



AML/CFT is complicated. We help simplify the process.

It is a collaborative process - we help you handle the complexities so you can focus on the important areas of your business.




Our compliance solutions are designed to fit within your time frame.

Costs can be reduced as we don't require lengthy face-to-face meetings as communication is done online. Also travel costs are eliminated meaning further cost savings.

This also allows you to spend more time on your business while still ensuring you comply with your AML/CFT obligations.


About Us

Who is RemoteCompliance?

Remote Compliance formed in early 2016 after our two current directors realised there was a need for businesses and organisations to have a simple and cost-effective way of being compliant with AML/CFT obligations. The company name represents exactly what our business is all about.

We believe that long meetings and all the associated administration takes up productive hours and ultimately can be costly. Currently technology means you can carry out your compliance obligations via secure remote web portal access, saving time and money. 


How we can help?

Simple & Secure Solutions

No matter how big or small your business or what sector you work in, we have a cost-effective solution that can be easily done through our secure digital services. Choose from our two packages to get setup along with additional ongoing support. We also provide ongoing support via access to our individual modules if you only require a particular service.



Executive Service Module

This module is designed for businesses that prefer us to completely take care of the initial setup. It includes developing a risk assessment based on activities undertaken by your business. A programme is then developed to show your policies, procedures and controls as it relates to the risk assessment along with other regulatory requirements.


Limited Service Module

This module is designed for businesses who want to complete their own risk assessments and programmes by using our template documents as a guide. You may then use Remote Compliance’s ongoing services to remain compliant.

Modular Services

This is designed for those who wish to have a particular service in isolation, such as the ability to conduct Politically Exposed Person (PEP) scans, supervisor monitoring, training, audits and quality assurance testing.